How to Unsync Google Photos

Are you wondering how to stop Camera photos from uploading to Google Photos, you can do that. Below, you can find instructions on how to cancel synchronization to Google Photos.

Whether you have an iPhone or an Android device, there are numerous ways to backup the camera roll. You may automatically create copies of each photo you take using apps from Google, Microsoft, Dropbox, and other companies so that they are securely backed up. 

Google Photos is a terrific software for managing your photo library and has many benefits, but not everyone wants their pictures and videos to be uploaded to Google's servers on a regular basis. In order to unsync Google Photos, simply follow these steps.

  • Step 1: Select folders from Photos Settings

  • Step 2: Disable sync in Library

  • Step 3: Disable back up & sync from the Photo Settings

How to Unsync Google Photos?

You can stop Google Photos from automatically uploading your camera photos by entirely removing the Back up & sync option.

Keep in mind that none of the pictures and videos from internal storage will be backed up after the latter.

Step 1: Select Folders from the Photos Settings

Selecting folders in Photos settings is the first approach to adjust this. This won't display the default DCIM Camera folder, but it should display the other photo and video directories on your internal storage. However, it's undoubtedly the simplest method for adjusting which folders Google Photos should sync with and which it shouldn't.

In order to decide which device folders to backup to Google Photos, follow these steps:

  • Access Google Photos

  • To access your Photos settings, tap on your Profile.

  • Select Back up & sync.

  • Choose Back up device folders.

  • Toggle the folders you want to or don't want Google Photos to back up ON or OFF.

Step 2: Disable Sync in Library

You may now turn off sync and backup for Camera images in the Library. All local folders are visible there, and you have the option to disable them after closer examination. 

As you can actually view the photographs and videos that are uploaded to Google Photos or not, this method might be more desirable. And this is how to stop the syncing of Camera photos.

Here's how to stop Google Photos' Library from syncing:

  • Launch Google Photos.

  • From the bottom, choose the Library tab.

  • Open Camera in the Photos on device section.

  • If you don't want to upload the images from your camera, turn off the Back up & sync option.

  • For additional folders, you can follow the same procedure.

Step 3: Disable Back up & Sync from the Photos Settings

Finally, in the Photos settings, you may turn off the Google Photos Back up & sync option. This will prevent Google Photos from syncing with any folders. Simply disable the Backup & sync feature by going to Google Photos > Profile pic > Photos settings > Back up & sync.

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1. How can I transfer my Google Photos into a different account?

Open the Google Photos app first to transfer your Google Photos to another account. Next, select "Settings" by tapping the three horizontal lines in the top left corner of the screen. Then touch "Manage Accounts" after selecting "Google Account." In order to sign in to the account you wish to move your images to, press "Add Account" at the end and then follow the on-screen directions.

2. How can I retrieve my old Google Photos?

To retrieve your previous Google Photos, you must take the following steps:

  • Launch the Google Photos app.

  • Tap the three lines in the upper left corner of the main screen.

  • Click "Settings" after scrolling down.

  • Select "Backup & sync."

  • Click "Manage backup" next to "Google Photos."

  • Turn "Back up & sync" off.

3. If you have Google Photos, do you still need iCloud?

You can sync your photos between both applications, but what is the real difference? Google Images is excellent if you want to preserve and share your photos. Your other devices and Google Photos instantly sync. Compared to iCloud, Google Photos is easier to use and has more sharing possibilities. Additionally, you can back up your photos to the cloud using this. iOS devices can access the service. It works with Android-powered smartphones as well. But you may use iCloud if you prefer an iPhone. Both services provide paid and free options. Consider Google Photos if you're looking for a free iCloud replacement.

4. If you have Google Photos, do you still need iCloud?

On Android, only the device copy will be erased if you select Delete from the device. Therefore, you are unable to access it through the other gallery apps. It will continue to display on the Google Photos app because the Google Photos cloud copy is still intact.

Final thought

We’ve walked you through detailed steps on how to unsync Google Photos. Thank you for reading, and please feel free to post any further comments or questions in the space below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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