A Complete Guide On How to Shut Down A Website

There are numerous justifications for wanting a website taken down. The material may offend or degrades you. Perhaps the website engages in questionable behavior, and you want it to be blocked. We'll show you How to Shut Down A Website.


If you decide not to utilize your website, what happens? What if you wish to close the website because you are no longer using it? How will you proceed? Whether temporarily or permanently, you remove the website. But can you achieve that?

We'll walk you through the process of How to Shut Down A Website. Before taking down your website, you might make a copy if you plan to use it in the future.

  • Using cPanel Of Hosting Settings

  • Using DoS/DDoS Attack

  • Contacting To Your Domain Company

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How To Shut Down A Website

Below is our step-by-step guide:

Using cPanel Of Hosting Settings

  • Step 1:

Go to your DNS settings in your cPanel after logging in, where you hosted your WordPress account.

Using cPanel Of Hosting Settings Step 1 - cPanel Blog

  • Step 2:

You can access the DNS settings by selecting the Advance from the left-side menu.

  • Step 3:

Select the DNS record from the menu section of your hosting panel to deactivate the DNS setting. Next, deactivate each of the six settings on the top side of the normal DNS settings. Click on "display all settings" after scrolling down to them.

  • Step 4:

Please wait 90 minutes after deactivating your settings. Once that time has passed, the cycle period is finished, and your site is temporarily shut down. Users won't be able to reaccess it until you activate your settings.

Using DoS/DDoS Attack

It is the most typical method of saturating the page with traffic. You can take down a website with this much traffic. Afterward, they slow it down for crawling. Finally, they shut it down since crawlers can't manage so much traffic. DENIAL OF SERVICE is the term for this technique (DOS).

Using DDoS Attack - TheSTStore

Security breachers most use this technique to attack your website. The owners of earlier websites consent to the DoS system creators taking control of their machines. But, this approach continues to function secretly even after security damage their websites.

Contacting To Your Domain Company

  • Step 1:

When the web hosting provider removes your pages, they are no longer visible to users. Go to your hosting web service and cancel your subscription.

Contacting To Your Domain Company Step 1 - One.com

  • Step 2:

Contact the business where you registered your domain name right away. For instance, renounce your domain to GoDaddy, Namecheap, and other services.

  • Step 3:

Hold out for 48 hours before moving your domain back into the public pool and removing your data from the internet. After 48 hours, confirm that your website is not searchable.


1. Can You Get A Website Taken Down?

You may remove a website for violating copyright. If a website does not remove or "take down" the illegal content listed in a DMCA Takedown Request, the OSP/ISP hosting the website may shut it down. The best approach for this process is a DMCA Takedown Notice.

2. How Do Hackers Take Down A Website?

A botnet is utilized to launch DDoS assaults. You can instruct this network to view a specific website simultaneously. It may cause a website to slow down or even crash drastically. Hackers carry out these attacks for retaliation, financial gain, or amusement.

3. What Happens When You Shut Down A Website?

However, shutting down the website won't deter visitors from trying to access it. Even so, when they arrive, they will get an error page. If you have many backlinks, your URLs can take even longer to disappear from the search engine.

4. Can Hackers Destroy Websites?

For instance, they might alter, remove, or steal the information you have on your website. They even hold your company ransom by blocking access to your pages. People who disagree with what your company stands for and aim to disrupt it include hackers.

5. Is A Site Legit?

Please search for a website's name on Google. Then, look through the results to determine its legitimacy. A fast Google search will reveal whether the website is actual or not. A little padlock icon should appear in the address bar if the website connects securely using HTTPS and is visible on the website itself.


We gathered all the information and methods for How to Shut Down A Website. A permanent shutdown will completely delete your website from the internet and prevent it from being accessible. A temporary shutdown is beneficial when updating or maintaining your website. We trust that you fully grasp the fundamental instructions for taking down a website. You can quickly implement our recommendations if you do.

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