Mac Screenshot Tutorial: How To Screenshot On A Mac

Screenshots are one of the main tools used by computer users to find exactly what they're looking for. But did you know more than one way to take a screenshot on Mac? Scrolling, dragging, tilting… Which method will work best for you? Learn how to screenshot on Mac here.

Screenshots are a great way to share your screen with others. Screenshots can be handy if you're looking for a way to help someone with a problem or just want to ensure that you've got all the correct information.

If you have a Mac, then there are several ways that you can take a screenshot. The most common ones are using the Command (⌘) + Shift + 3 keyboard shortcut and the Grab tool in your Applications folder. This is how to screenshot on Mac you can refer.

If you're on a Mac, here are three ways to capture what's on your screen:

1. Press Command + Shift + 3 to capture the whole screen and save a picture file of the image. This will default protect the image as PNG in your desktop folder.

2. Press Command + Shift + 4 to select what you want to capture before taking a screenshot, then press Enter to save the image as a .png file in your desktop folder by default.

3. Press Command + Shift + 4 , then Spacebar, then click and drag to select an area (or press Spacebar again if you want to cancel). Finally, when you let go of the mouse button or trackpad after selecting an area, press Enter or click on Done for the image file (.png) to be saved on your desktop by default.


1. How do I take a screenshot on my Mac?

It's easy! Just hold down Command + Shift + 3 to take a screenshot of the screen. To take a screenshot of just a portion of the screen, hold down Command + Shift + 4 and then drag your cursor around the area you want. This will create an image on your desktop that you can use however you like.

2. How do I crop my image after taking it?

If you need to crop the image after taking it, use Preview. Open Preview by typing "preview" into Spotlight search or going to Finder > Applications > Utilities > Preview. In the toolbar, click on "Selection Tool" or "Rectangular Marquee Tool." If you're cropping an image already saved on your computer, click File > Open.

If you're cutting an image from within Preview itself, use File > Save As and select where you want to save it when prompted by clicking Save or Save As again afterward (you can also simply choose where you want to keep it from within Preview itself) once you've determined where you want to save this new version.

3. How do I annotate a screenshot on my Mac?

After taking a screenshot, simply open Preview (which should be in Applications), select File (in the top left corner), then choose New from Clipboard from the drop-down menu under Paste & Match Style. This will allow you to draw or write directly onto your image before saving it as an image file or sending it out via email or messaging app


There you have it! The answers to all your questions about how to screenshot on a Mac. Now you can take screenshots, edit them, and share them easily. If you find it useful, remember to share this post if you found it helpful!

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