A Completely Guide On How To Say Website In Spanish

There are so many different accents and local dialects that it can be tough to say some words. This guide is a comprehensive guide on how to say website in Spanish. If you have already known this, stay reading to explore with us!

It's essential to know how to say your website in Spanish. That is important, especially in places where people speak different languages. If you're a web designer or developer and want to talk to someone who speaks Spanish about your work, or if you're learning Spanish online and want to know what everything online is called, you've got the essential keywords you need! This writing will show you some tips to say website in Spanish:

  • Learning Vocabulary about websites in Spanish

  • Learning types of websites

How to Say Website In Spanish

Are you ready to learn the rest of the words and phrases related to websites and everyday words that will help you talk about websites in Spanish? 

Learning Vocabulary About Websites In Spanish

First, you should know that a website is called el sitio web or la página web in Spanish. 

Website in Spanish

Next, you can learn more vocabulary related to a website by checking it below:




El dominio

Web address (URL)

La dirección web

Email address

El correo electrónico

Search engine

El buscador


El navegador


El almacenamiento


El menú

Learning Types Of Websites

There are many different kinds of sites on the Internet. Every day, we all go through hundreds of them. So the first thing you need to know is what kind of website you're talking about. Here are the different kinds of websites and the words you need to discuss in Spanish. 

Tienda en línea

E-commerce sites, or online stores, are also prevalent and helpful. 

Tienda en línea

Don't you just love it when you buy things online, and they show up at your door? Tiendas en línea make that happen. 




El artículo


El afiliado


La cuenta

Shopping Cart

El carrito de compras


El inventario


El pago


El envío

Credit Card

La tarjeta de crédito

Billing information

Los datos de facturación

Shipping address

La dirección de envío


You've heard of blogs, right? Right now, you're in one. Blogs are very common these days. Everyone, from influential people to businesses, has one. Here are some words to use when discussing how a blog is set up technically.




El blog


Las imágenes


Los comentarios

Search bar

La barra de búsqueda


El encabezado


El pie de página


Las etiquetas


El enlace


El contenido

Sitios de Redes Sociales

Social media is all around us! You can use at least one of these free social hubs. 

Social Media

They are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many others. They have become the primary way people talk to each other online. Business and personal reasons need to know the Spanish words for things related to these websites.




El perfil

Profile picture

La foto de perfil


Las publicaciones


El nombre de usuario


El emoticón


Los seguidores


La notificación


Las fotografías


La aplicación


La biografía


El chat


1. How Do You Use Spanish To Look At A Website?

Go to translate.google.com in your web browser. You don't have a Google account to use since it's free for everyone. In the text box on the left, type the website's full URL. Then, select the language you want to view the site in on the right. 

2. What Does URL Stand For?

A URL stands for "Uniform Resource Locator."  It is a unique way to find a resource on the Internet. A web address is another name for it. URLs have several parts, like a protocol and domain name, that tell a web browser how and where to get a resource. 

3. How Do You Translate Your Site Into Spanish WordPress?

Open the page you want to change and click "Translate Page" in the admin toolbar at the top of the page. This activity will open a visual translation editor where you can select text by hovering over it and clicking the pencil icon. Then you can change its translation in the sidebar on the left, click "Save," and move on to the next one. 

4. How Do You Make A Spanish Website?

In the search bar of the Google Chrome browser, type "Google Translate." Your website will be translated to Spanish right away. On the left is a toolbar that lets you choose the language you want your website translated into.


Above are some tips to know how to say website in Spanish. Hopefully, after reading, you can know the answer on how to say website in Spanish effectively and appropriately. Good luck and have a nice!

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