How to Invert a Picture on iPhone

Are you confused about How to Invert a Picture on iPhone? We have to list a lot of good information for you to read. Let’s discover a suitable way for you to Invert a Picture on your iPhone!

How to Invert a Picture on iPhone seems like a common issue for you when you have a nice picture but it doesn’t like what you expect. Do you have a few photos on your iPhone or iPad that are skewed, in the wrong direction? Don't worry, the Photos app built into iOS has a feature that allows you to invert photos from a variety of angles flexibly. Inverting a photograph on your iPhone can be an incredible method for getting an image to look the manner. 

The Photos application on your iPhone and iPad can flip pictures with a couple of taps. Here's how to use it. Open the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad and navigate to the photo you want to invert. Before making any edits, you need to know that the Photos app will save the changes directly to your original image. 

Based on the needs of everyone who expect a lot in their picture, we have discovered more information. You will follow the following steps Invert a Picture on iPhone.  

  • Open the Photo application

  • Choose Edit option

  • Choose the Crop button

How to Invert a Picture on iPhone?

You go all day to be able to have the best photos for yourself but forget to adjust the photo flipping mode on your iPhone. And you feel those photos are the opposite of yourself in real life. We've found a way to help you. Don't worry, take the following steps to be able to edit the photo according to your needs.

Open the Photo application

A lot of times you take photos and don't pay attention, causing your photos to go backward. And after watching it again, it's frustrating. All you need to do is start your phone up, and access the Photos app on your home screen. Or swipe from the top down and type in the iPhone search box with the word 'Photos'. We recommend you two ways to access the app.

 Photos App - Link

Choose Edit option

After accessing the iPhone's photo app, select the photo you want to invert. Select the Edit option right in the right corner of your phone's screen. In this editing section, you have a lot of options to edit your photos. 

You can edit the color of the photo, the brightness makes the photo more shimmering. Or you can cut photos without the intervention of other apps.

Edit option - Link

Choose the Crop button

On the image edit screen, you tap the Crop button in the bottom toolbar, which is displayed as the illustration below. Next, you look up at the upper-left corner of the screen, you press the horizontal invert Icon. 

It's a cut triangle in the middle. This will cause your image to flip like in a mirror and match the eyes of each person. If you're already satisfied with the image after editing, press the Done button in the bottom toolbar. 

Crop icon - Link

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1. Is it possible to revert the image to the original?

In case you change your mind and want to undo the image that you edited to the original state, it is not difficult. Open the Photos app and browse to the image you want to undo. Then, as in the first steps, you select Edit. 

On the screen on which you have edited the photo, there will be a red word “Revert”  in the bottom right corner of your iPhone. You just need to tap it to undo the previously performed operation.

2. Is there any other way to invert the image on iPhone?

We would recommend you the Photoshop Express. It is a free iOS application that includes many ways to edit photos on your devices. This is the way to utilize the application to mirror a picture on your iPhone. Install the application on your gadget. 

Select Edit at the highest point of the screen and afterward tap the photograph you need to alter. Select the Crop symbol at the lower part of the screen. Select invert under the picture, then pick Flip Horizontal to on a level plane mirror the picture.

3. How to edit an invert Selfie setting on iPhone?

In reality, most individuals are accustomed to seeing themselves in mirrors and subsequently are set up they are great like they are in the mirror. iPhone camera screen shows you a reflected variant of yourself. To save time instead of editing each photo in your library photo. 

  • First, you open Settings and tap Camera. 

  • Turn on the switch for Mirror Front Camera, ensure you have turned on it. 

  • Then, check the photographs by taking selfies.


There are many ways to do this, or it's possible to use additional interference from a lot of different apps to be able to edit the image. We've given you the simplest way to do it. And we've also detailed the steps as well as the illustrations for you. 

  • Open the Photo application

  • Choose Edit option

  • Choose the Crop button

How to Invert a Picture on iPhone is a small problem to solve. From this article, we hope you can understand it!

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