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Do you look forward to the best way How to Inspect Element on iPhone? We have arranged a ton of invaluable things for you. Let’s explore the best way for you to Inspect Element on your iPhone!

If you own an iPhone device, and you are interested in How to Inspect Element on iPhone? Like the Firefox and Chrome browsers as we often see, Apple also equips its browser with a powerful toolkit. The goal is to support programmers to survey and edit their site right on the Safari browser to edit the CSS error without editing the source.

Windows and Mac users will be familiar with the "Inspect Element" option when right-clicking on any website they want to check. What this option provides is a way to view the site's source code, view all its elements, and all other vehicle files on it. In this way, you not only learn how to work for a specific website but also make modifications to it on your own browser.

To answer your questions as well as help you solve this problem, we encourage you to take the steps below:

  • Go to Safari

  • Tap Advanced Menu

  • Turn on the Web Inspector option

How to Inspect Element on iPhone?

For instance, an engineer could experience a particular delivering issue that appears to happen on a particular iPhone while making a responsive plan for a site. 

In such cases, they need to examine explicit web components on genuine gadgets to sort out the specific arrangement. So, these steps below here will help a lot of information.

Go to Safari

To be able to debug the web elements, you first need to turn on the web test for the Safari app on iOS. To do this, open the settings and select 'Safari'. 

Do not be confused with the Safari application outside the main screen. Remember to visit the iPhone's Settings, then scroll down the menu and find Safari to access.

Tap Advanced Menu

Users can choose to enable and activate safari testing on iOS 11 to enhance the browsing process. Here we will see a list of the features the safari app uses to support users, however, we need to swipe this feature menu down to the last to click on advanced. 

Turn on the Web Inspector option

On the next screen, tap the switch next to 'Web Checker' until it turns green. however, depending on some versions, this optional section has different changes.

This option allows you to locally edit the content of the website so that you can check the new design or format and its interface on the iPhone. 

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1. How to inspect elements on MAC?

Mac gives an exceptionally instinctive component that empowers web engineers to troubleshoot and review web components on genuine iPads and iPhones.To display the Inspect Element function on Safari, the first thing you need to do is activate the Develop menu in Safari. 

In Advanced, select the Show Develop menu in the Menu Bar at the end of the dialog box. Then on Safari's toolbar select Develop and Connect Web Inspector to check the element.

2. What is Inspect Element on iPhone?

Inspect an element is a useful tool for you, which is part of the Developer Tools tool on your browser. This tool includes some outstanding features such as running code, and a View Source page to see Raw Code behind a website.

Inspect element is a perfect way to learn how to bookmark a website and find vulnerabilities and bugs on your site.

3. Can we fix inspect element on android?

The reality is that you can utilize Google Chrome on your Android gadget to examine the components rapidly. It permits you to troubleshoot any component on your Android from a distance. Engineers have made a couple of Android applications. You can review the components of a site in your Android gadget utilizing the Chrome program. 

Open your Chrome program and go to the site you need to review. Go to the location bar on Settings Android and type "view-source". You can see the entire components of that page.

Final thought

If you are not satisfied with the above results, you will have to explore third-party applications to be able to check the site's components. Although a simple search on the App Store will bring you some results to check the web elements, you will not find many available and highly appreciated applications.

The steps are summarized below: 

  • Go to Safari

  • Tap Advanced Menu

  • Turn on the Web Inspector option

Therefore, How to Inspect Element on iPhone is no longer confusing for everyone.  After the above information, we hope you share it with everyone!

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