How to Get Subscribers on Snapchat

Getting more followers on Snapchat is a goal for many businesses and influencers. This post gives you a way on how to get subscribers on Snapchat. Check it out now!

With a Snapchat subscription, you can share your Snapchat Stories with more people. You can give it to people who aren't your friends. Producers can get more people to follow them by turning on the Subscribe button on their Snapchat accounts. 

Let's explore the information below to know how to get subscribers on Snapchat!

  • Putting your Snapchat profile public

  • Getting an account for Snapchat Creator

How to Get Subscribers on Snapchat 

You must first make a Public Profile before getting a Subscribe button. Here's how to turn Snapchat into a subscription service:

Putting Your Snapchat Profile Public

Step 1: To make your Snapchat profile public, go to your account page and tap on the gear wheel in the top corner. It will take you to your settings. In the settings menu, scroll down until "WHO CAN..." There should be three choices:

  • View My Story

  • Contact me

  • See Where I Am

That is set to the "My Friends" option by default. But if you want to make your profile public, you should change these three settings to "Everyone."

Step 2: Go back to your account page and scroll down until you see Spotlight & Snap Map.

Tap the three-dotted lines to the right of Spotlight & Snap Map, and then tap Create Public Profile.

Create Public Profile -

Step 3: Finish the process by going through the steps in the Create Public Profile.

Step 4: Next, return to your account page, where you should find a section labeled Public Profiles. Tap on your made public profile, then tap on Preview Profile. You should see a button writing "Subscribe." 

Getting An Account for Snapchat Creator

Having a Snapchat Creator account is another way to get a Subscribe Button. To get a Snapchat Creator account, you have to meet specific requirements, and it comes with a few perks.

Step 1: First, you need to meet the requirements to get a Snapchat creator account: 

  • You need at least 100 people to sign up for your list.

  • About a week has passed since you made your Snap account.

  • At least one of your friends should also be your friend.

In addition to these three things, you will also need to post much content often. That also means telling a lot of people about it.

To become a Snapchat Creator and get a Subscribe button, you need to make original, shareable, and creative content.

Getting An Account for Snapchat Creator -

Step 2: Accounts are regularly changed to Creator Accounts by themselves. You continue to post and create compelling material and complete all the requirements. So your account will gain creator status.

You post high-quality Snaps that get people to interact with them.

Step 3: Creator accounts, or Snap Stars, can also be checked out. Creator Accounts that have been verified get a star icon on their Snapchat profiles.

That's a different process with its steps and things to think about. So this article focuses mainly on how to get a subscribe button. 

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1. How many subscribers do you need to be considered an influencer?

Macro-influencers are people with between 40,000 and 1 million followers.

Most people who have an impact have between 1,000 and 40,000 followers. However, nano-influencers have less than 1,000 followers, and they tend to be in particular niches.

2. What do Snapchat users who sign up do?

With a Snapchat subscription, you can share your Snapchat Stories. So it's with more people without adding strangers to your friends' list.

You follow a creator or brand on Snapchat. So their Stories will show up in your Subscription feed inside the app.

3. Do people who follow you on Snapchat pay you?

No. At the moment, Snapchat users don't get paid for views. However, you can make money by selling products and promoting affiliate links. Or letting other companies pay to reach your audience by sponsoring your stories.


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