Complete Guide on How to Disconnect Metamask From Website

MetaMask is the most-used wallet for cryptocurrency. It's known for how easy it is to use and how private it is. Let's explore this post to learn how to disconnect Metamask from the website.

MetaMask is an add-on for your browser that acts as a wallet for Ethereum. You install it like any other browser add-on. Once you set it up, users can store Ether and other ERC-20 tokens. That lets them use any Ethereum address for transactions. Check this post to know how to disconnect Metamask from the website right now! 

How to Disconnect Metamask From Website

Scammers get money from people using MetaMask by contacting them to connect their wallets to a website. After joining a wallet, scammers have full access to the wallet's contents. And they can transfer them to their account. Unfortunately, the blockchain lets people remain anonymous. So it is impossible to get back the stolen money. But it's easy to stop a website from accessing your wallet.

Step 1: There are three dots in the top right corner of the homepage of your MetaMask account. That will bring up an expanded menu with four choices.

Step 2: Click the three dots and the "Connected sites" button. It will show you all the sites that your wallet is linked to.

Choose Connected sites -

Step 3: On the screen that lists all the related websites, there will be trash can icons next to each one. If you tap on one of these icons, MetaMask will break the link between your wallet and the website.

You have more than one wallet connected to the same website. It will ask if you want to disconnect all wallets from the website. 

How to Stay Safe with Your MetaMask

It has a window of time in which your funds can be taken. It's even if you unplug your wallet from websites after each use. As a result, utilizing your MetaMask wallet on the blockchain comes with a layer of security.

How to Stay Safe with Your MetaMask -

You wouldn't click on a suspicious link not been checked. You shouldn't do the same with crypto. If you find a website looking sketchy or not having an audit, you should look into it more before connecting your wallet. Most scam websites will have user reviews that show what kind of scam they are trying to pull.

Staying away from suspicious websites are good ways to avoid crypto scams. However, buying a hardware wallet might be the safest thing you can do to avoid scams.

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1. Is MetaMask a good beginner wallet?

Yes, MetaMask is the best wallet for someone who only wants to use Ethereum and wants to start. However, consider using a different wallet if you plan to use Bitcoin or cryptocurrency.

2. Can you earn money on MetaMask?

MetaMask makes money when users compare or trade Ethereum-based tokens and pay a swap fee. Institutions that want a smoother way to invest in Defi are also charged management fees.

3. Is it better to use MetaMask than Coinbase?

We can see that Coinbase has a better Value for Money score than MetaMask when comparing the two. The Security Level is another essential part. It tells you how secure your crypto assets will be in a particular wallet.

4. Can any coin be put in MetaMask?

Metamask works with all coins on the Ethereum network and other networks that work with Ethereum. But Metamask doesn't work with other coins because they are on different networks. Therefore, they are not suitable for the Ethereum network.

5. Is it possible to buy XRP on MetaMask?

If you have some XRP, you may want to send it to your Metamask wallet. Indeed, you can't add XRP to your Metamask wallet because of its native Ripple blockchain. When using Metamask, you can only use the Binance-Peg XRP token to buy XRP from the Binance Smart Chain. 

Final thought

Above is the comprehensive answer on how to disconnect Metamask from the website. We hope this detailed information is valuable and helpful for you. 

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