How to Delete Squarespace Website

Are you tired of using your Squarespace website and want to cancel or deactivate it? This guide is a comprehensive guide on how to delete Squarespace website. So, let's check it out for details with us!

Squarespace is one of the most common website builders available today. And it also provides other useful web services. Squarespace is an online content management system. It allows users to create their websites easily. In addition, the website allows users to create and edit account information, upload pictures, and search for and register domains. But sometimes, you want to delete the Squarespace website. So, this guide is for you. In this writing, we will show you the way how to delete Squarespace Website in six steps:

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How To Delete Squarespace Website

Below is the detail to do this. Then, we will walk through how to delete the Squarespace website step-by-step:

Step 1: Check your website

If you have multiple Squarespace sites (including trials) in your account, ensure you're viewing the one you want to delete. Go to the Home menu, scroll down, and click your profile picture or initials to switch to another site. All subscriptions associated with your account will be visible in your account dashboard. Hover your mouse over the appropriate site's preview image and click Go To Website. 

Step 2: Click Settings in the Home menu, then click Billing.

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Step 3: Click Delete Site. This option won't show up if the site has active subscriptions.

Step 4: To be sure, click Delete Site again in the new window that opens.

Step 5: Click "Delete Site" to get rid of your site.

Step 6: You'll see a message that says "Site Deleted." This message will also be shown to people who go to this URL. 

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How To Cancel Your Squarespace Website Subscription

This activity immediately cancels your subscription and takes your site offline. That will also close your store if you have a Commerce plan. After 30 days, all of the content on your site is set to be deleted. You can export your content before you cancel to import it to a new site. 

Sign in to the Squarespace site you wish to cancel, and then proceed with the steps below:

Step 1: Click the Settings button located in the Home menu.

Step 2: Click on the Billing tab.

Step 3: To access your site subscription, visit the "Subscriptions" tab. Depending on the plan, this component will either be a Website or Commerce.

Step 4: Simply click the Cancel subscription button. Depending on the specifics of your plan, this will either be a Website or a Store.

Step 5: After making your selection in the drop-down option regarding the reason you are terminating your subscription, click the Next button.

Step 6: Fill out the rest of the form to tell us what you think about Squarespace. Click Next if you'd rather not answer. 

Step 7: You will see a window labeled "Your other subscriptions" if you currently have any active subscriptions connected to your site. Click the Continue button after you have reviewed your subscriptions. You can cancel them at a later time.

Step 8: Click the Cancel subscription button. Depending on your plan, this will be a website or a store. 


1. Will Your Website Appear In Search Engine Search Results After You Cancel?

After you cancel your website subscription, your site will no longer be public. And your website won't be indexed anymore. Also, if you don't move your site to a different host, it will stop appearing in search results. That takes time, and the amount of time it takes depends on how each search engine indexes.

After you cancel your subscription, Squarespace has no control over whether or not any search engine will remove your site from its results. For example, if you move your site to a different host, a search engine might add new content to its index.

2. What Is The Difference Between Canceling A Subscription And Deleting A Site?

When you cancel a subscription, your site goes offline. And you stop getting paid for the subscription. After you have deleted your website, its content will be deleted in 30 days. When you delete a site, its content is immediately marked for permanent deletion. You can only get rid of a site that has already ended. 

3. Can You Edit The Squarespace Website After Publishing?

You can still make changes and add content after publishing. However, you should check it frequently to ensure the information is still correct and that the links to other sites are still working. 

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We hope you can learn a lot from these steps; this guide is beneficial for you. We have shown you how to delete Squarespace website from the beginning to the end. If you have any difficulties, you can contact us anytime.

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