How to Copy A Picture From A Website When The Right-Click Is Disabled

Unable to copy a picture from a right-click disabled website? Don’t worry. This post will help you in saving a photo from a website that prevents content selection and right-clicking. Simply follow the steps below to learn How to Copy A Picture From A Website When The Right-Click Is Disabled.

When you browse the internet, you will come across a wealth of useful information. However, you won't be able to remember all of the information provided on many websites. 

Depending on the browser you use, one of the simple options is to bookmark or add the page to your reading list. You may also need to copy the text from the webpage for use in your documents on occasion. 

Unfortunately, some websites prevent copying by preventing content selection and right-clicking. In this situation, there are a few options for copying a picture from a website when right-click is disabled.

  • Copy from Web browser

  • Uninstall JavaScript

  • Screenshot the picture

  • Use proxy sites

  • Use browser extensions

How to Copy a Picture from a Website When the Right-Click Is Disabled?

Website owners typically use custom JavaScript or other software to prevent right-clicking on a page. However, this may have an impact for legal users who want to use the right-click feature for a variety of purposes, such as searching Google for the desired content.

Here are some of the most successful methods for copying text from online pages that don't allow you to right-click.

Copy from Web Browser. 

  • In Firefox browser

In Firefox, activate the URL. Now, right-click the image you want to save and select Copy Image from the menu. A popup message indicating that the right-click is unavailable may appear, or the right-click may not appear at all.

Now, press Ctrl + Shift + C on that tab. The web developer option will be shown. If the shortcut no longer works, press three hyphens below the escape button in the right top corner. Select the option for Web developer.

The inspector option is now visible at the top. Select the pickup with an object icon on the left side and then your photo. After you've set the image, look for the SRC URL.

The image url can be found in the SRC URL. In a new tab, paste the SRC connection and go to the picture preview URL.

Now is the time to right-click and save your image to your device. 

  • In Chrome browser

The Chrome browser includes a number of additional useful features and addons. You can learn how to save files in Chrome when the right-click option is turned off.

Ctrl + Shift + C is a Chrome and Firefox shortcut for opening the inspect item. This is something with which we can work.

In the top right corner, press the Chrome button. When you tap the chrome icon, you'll see the tool's options. From the drop-down menu, pick developer software.

After that, select Element Tools. Now pick the one you wish to save. After you've chosen the image, look for the SRC URL.

A photo link to the SRC URL is supplied. The URL for the connection can be copied and opened in a new tab, displaying a view.

Uninstall JavaScript.

To copy a photo from a website, remove JavaScript in your browser. You may need to take different activities depending on the application you're using. For instance: 

  • Tap on the pad symbol next to the address bar.

  • Click Site Settings to get to the site-specific configuration tab.

  • Find the option JavaScript and choose it from the drop-down menu.

  • To remove JavaScript from that website, select Block.

  • Try refreshing the page and then right-clicking and copying it.

Screenshot the Picture.

This is particularly useful for photos, as you can snap a screenshot of the image/s from the limited page and save it to your device.

Furthermore, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology can erase all readable text and convert it to editable text before copying it.

Use Proxy Sites.

Depending on their geographic location, website owners serve different web pages to visitors. This might also result in whole or partial right-clicking banning for users from specific countries.

If the entire website is blocked, you can use a proxy service to hide your identity and search the web anonymously. Using specific proxy websites, you can delete JavaScript and other scripts from a webpage.

Use Browser Extensions.

Browser plugins come with a wide range of capabilities and features. Look for plugins or add-ons that allow you to right-click on restricted websites if you're using Chrome or Firefox.


1. In Chrome, how can I copy text from a secured website?

To copy text from a prohibited site in Chrome, launch Chrome and navigate to the website or page you wish to copy from. To see a drop-down menu of options, right-click on the webpage. Don't start by highlighting any text. Select "Inspect" or "View Page Source." The last option directs you to a specific location in the source code.

2. How can I copy text that isn't selectable?

Let's say you wish to copy text from a dialog box with an error message. Well, it's easier than you think. Simply click on the dialogue box and press CTRL + C to copy the full error message to your clipboard.

3. How to convert a screenshot to text?

You can extract text from a scanned image, upload an image file from your computer, or take a screenshot on your computer. Simply right-click on the image and pick Grab Text from the menu that appears. After that, you can copy and paste the text from your scanned PDF into other programs and applications.


We hope the methods suggested above helped you in copying a picture from a website when the right-click is disabled.

However, you must obtain permission to reproduce or use the information. While copying a few sentences, it's a good idea to reference the source website as a guide.

It is recommended to explicitly link to the website rather than republishing if you want to copy paragraphs or the entire content to keep the internet safe.

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