How to Change Bluetooth Name on iPhone

You are looking for How to Change the Bluetooth Name on an iPhone. We have found a lot of good information for you. Let’s explore the variety of ways to Change the Bluetooth Names on an iPhone.

Perhaps everyone is confused about How to Change Bluetooth Names on iPhones. On iOS, the gadget name is likewise the Bluetooth name, which is confounding when different iPhones in a similar reach have comparative names. You can rename your Bluetooth gadgets to be more paramount.

At the point when you interface a Bluetooth gadget to another, then both of those Bluetooth gadgets can have a name shown on the screen. This assists with guaranteeing that you are associating with the right gadget. You might need to know how to change the Bluetooth name on an iPhone.

Bluetooth connects iPhone with default gadget names. You can likewise give these gadgets custom names to make them unmistakable. For example, changing the name of AirPods makes them simpler to oversee when you have a few sets lying around.

Here are some steps for you to change your Bluetooth name:

  • Tap “About" in General

  • Choose name option

  • Tap Done

How to Change Bluetooth Name on iPhone?

One of the easiest modifications that can be done on the iPhone is the process of changing the Bluetooth name on the iPhone. In general, iPhone devices copy the name of the device into a Bluetooth name, which means it can be quite difficult to determine between two similar devices on the same Wi-Fi network. So we would like to recommend you essential way to change the Bluetooth name on iPhone.

Tap “About" in General

  • Touch the settings on your iPhone. 

  • Determine the General option and click it.

  • In the interface of General, you can see a lot of different choices. 

Besides other options such as Software Update, AirDrop, Home Button, and iPhone Storage. Roll on the top of the screen to select the "About" Option.


“About” Option

Choose Name option

In the About screen, you will see the ongoing gadget name close to the highest point of the screen. You can see the main name of your device which is always displayed on the Bluetooth names such as Airpods.

 This is the name that different gadgets will check whether they're attempting to associate by means of Bluetooth. To transform it, tap the "Name" option to change any name you want.

“Name” Option 

Tap Done

Find your device's name and click on it to turn on the editing options. Finally, switch to the name you want. This will help you identify your device. Especially when AirDrop images, friends, or family can know what your device is based on the device's name. 

After operating, receive Done to complete this step. It’s so easy to do it, isn’t it?

Tap Done 


1. Why do you need to change Bluetooth name on your iPhone?

Changing the default name of an iPhone makes it simpler to recognize for interfacing with Bluetooth gadgets. The iPhone likewise permits you to give an interesting name to a Bluetooth accomplice to make it more conspicuous among an ocean of gadgets at home or work. 

At the point when you change the gadget's name, the update happens immediately. By that means, you can see the new name on your iCloud. 

2. Can you change the Bluetooth name on android?

You can change the name of all of your Bluetooth embellishments on your Android gadget, making it simple to separate them. You can also easily perform these operations as the iOS interface.

Choose the device that you want to change the name in that editing interface and select Rename Option. Then do the same, change the name as you like, and save.

3. Can you control anyone connects to your Bluetooth?

You can keep somebody from interfacing with your Bluetooth speaker by utilizing a security code, and turning off the speaker when you're not utilizing it. Apple has introduced a new feature, helping users know exactly when they share location data with applications, and which applications are accessing Bluetooth.


In short, we have found the basic steps for you to understand How to Change Bluetooth Names on iPhone. On the off chance that you use Bluetooth with your iPhone a ton, you may ultimately experience what is happening where you need to interface more than one Bluetooth gadget to the iPhone simultaneously.

These are summarizing steps: 

  • Tap “About" in General

  • Choose name option

  • Tap Done

Thus, that’s all for How to Change Bluetooth Name on iPhone. Assuming you read the entire article, you will know the steps and make it easier.


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