A Complete Guide On How to Cancel Dominos Order Online Website

Do you need to cancel a Domino's order through the website or mobile app? If so, this essay is for you today. You will learn some simple methods in this post for How to Cancel Dominos Order Online Website


One of the most popular applications for ordering meals is Domino's. Pizza orders are well-known there. You may order Domino's pizza using the company's website, or mobile app. The official mobile app and website of Dominos Pizza are where most customers like to place their orders. However, using Dominos' website and mobile app to cancel an order is challenging. Don't worry. This article will walk you through how to Cancel Dominos Order Online Website:

  • Using Moblie

  • Using Website

  • Using Dominos Care Number

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How To Cancel Dominos Order Online Website

Below is our step-by-step guide:

Using Mobile

  • Step 1:

If you're using a mobile device, sign in with the same account you use to place orders.

Using Mobile Step 1 - Domino’sPizza

  • Step 2:

You may view every placed and pending order in your My Orders section.

Using Mobile Step 2 - TechThirsty

  • Step 3:

Access the Domino's App menu section. Options from the Account or Dashboard

  • Step 4:

A service and request boat appeared on your screen.

  • Step 5:

Select the Text Write option when the boat appears in your Domino's app, and type the command "Cancel my order,". Then send the text to the boat. It will make it simple for you to cancel your current order.

Using Website

  • Step 1:

Go to the menu bar after signing into your account on Domino's website. Then navigate to the order you want to cancel.

 Using Website Step 1 - Domino’sPizza

  • Step 2:

Select Your Current Order Status by clicking.

  • Step 3:

You will be allowed to "Cancel." Toggle to that.

  • Step 4:

It will be canceled in a few minutes, and a refund will be issued to you within 24 hours.

Using Dominos Care Number

  • Step 1:

First, To search for Domino's Customer Care Number, choose the Google Search option.

  • Step 2:

Call the newly-appeared number to speak with customer service.

  • Step 3:

Give him the details of your order cancellation, including your order ID.

  • Step 4:

Ask him to withdraw your offer, and they will take action on their end. On this basis, cancel your most recent order and receive a refund.


1. Why Can't I Cancel My Dominos Order?

Orders placed using the Domino's app can be manually canceled. Domino's can also cancel your order for some reason. Abuse is known to occur at the Dominos delivery address. The client is on a list of undesirables. Domino's customer number has already been exploited for fraudulent orders.

2. Does Dominos Refund If They Are Late?

Domino's does not fine its delivery personnel for being late. When store operation conditions are unsuitable, the free 30-minute period is not available. It will be notified at the time of order taking. Domino's Pizzas may revoke the service guarantee anytime and without notice.

3. When Did Dominos Stop 30-Minute Delivery?

Since 1984, the 30-minute guarantee for telephone orders has been the cornerstone of Dominos. Up until 1986, a client was not charged for a late-arriving pizza. Customers have received $3 off their orders ever since.

4. What Is Dominos Return Policy?

You must return your stale, damaged pizza to the same place within two hours of pickup with its original packaging. They will recreate your pizza as you ordered if you remember bringing your receipt. In no time, you'll be back on the path to contentment.

5. Is Dominos Free After 45 Minutes?

For late deliveries, Domino's does not fine its drivers. When store operation conditions are unsuitable, 30 minutes or free service is not applicable. This information will be disclosed at the time of order taking. Domino's Pizzas retains the right to revoke the service guarantee without warning.

6. Does Domino's Do Anything For Veterans?

Spouses of active military personnel are eligible for Domino's $20,000 Veterans Program. Domino's is seeking military spouses to benefit from job possibilities.


In 2022, it won't be challenging to order our favorite foods online. Some of the top food delivery apps and websites make it simple to get any of our favorite dishes. However, occasionally it becomes incredibly challenging to cancel the order using the app or website in time. Food delivery is a well-known quick process. We frequently got our dinner within 30 minutes of ordering it. As a result, it becomes quite challenging to cancel the order in time. We hope that the How to Cancel Dominos Order Online Website helped you.

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