JEFF the Brotherhood

JEFF the BrotherhoodJEFF the Brotherhood is an American two-piece rock band consisting of brothers Jake and Jamin Orrall, hailing from Nashville, Tennessee. Their style has been described by music writers as containing elements of psychedelic rock, garage rock, punk and pop.

The best rock ’n’ roll, the kind that gets under your skin and makes all your senses heighten, is simple and comprised of hard work and unrelenting passion—all of which JEFF The Brotherhood embody and exemplify on their Warner Bros. Records debut LP, Hypnotic Nights. Brothers Jake and Jamin Orrall have played together since they were little kids and formed the group in high school. The boys grew up with a voracious appetite for any music they could get their hands on. More

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Welcome to the home of JEFF The Brotherhood

Welcome to the home of JEFF The Brotherhood, where you can find helpful information about the products you may be interested in. 

JEFF the Brotherhood performing in Iowa City, IA in 2013. (L-R: Jamin and Jake Orrall)

JEFF The Brotherhood - Idiot [Official Music Video]

Dine Alone Records · JEFF The Brotherhood - Roachin (ft. Alicia Bognanno)

Nashville show get advance Tix noww

Nashville show get advance Tix noww