The UK Crowds were AMAZING!

Wow, the UK tour was simply awesome… as Jeff the Brotherhood’s number one fan, tensions were high towards the thought of them playing to an overseas crowd for the first ever time, but these feelings soon died down the second the stage lights did, with a powerful eruption of cheers and roaring from hundreds of British fans I never knew even existed!

A few hours before they were due to go on stage for the Bristol gig, Jake somehow managed to lose the keys to his flight case which his 3 string Ibanez SG was being stored in. Rumour has it, this was due to him visiting local bars the night before and getting ‘rat-arsed’, which is a term I never heard before but will now continue to use forever.

Thankfully a nearby locksmith company called quicklocks (click here) was able to drop by and pick it open for them, pretty much saving the gig, as they had to travel light and Jake doesn’t have a backup three string guitar. Props to Steve over at Quick Locks. If you are ever in need of a fast Bristol city expert Locksmiths be sure to hit them up. They really saved the day. Luckily for us, Steve had just arrived from Bath were he was working for the locksmith in Bath arm of Quick Locks. Couldn’t have asked for a nicer guy to help us out. A bit overly talkative mind, but still really nice. I now know he was born in Leeds and started off as a Locksmith in Leeds before moving to become a Locksmith in Sheffield and finally moving down south. I feel like we’ve been mates for years 😉 He now works for a great locksmith company in London called Locksmith Pros. If you ever need the services of a top notch locksmith, I highly recommend them.

Camden was a total blast, the Camden Assembly is a super awesome, spacious venue and had fancy monitors and professional stage lights already built into the stage. The crowd was pumping and we even got to see an encore which we didn’t expect.

With all that being said, the first date at the Zanzibar Club in Liverpool was epic (and thank goodness they didn’t need a Liverpool locksmiths ;)). Jamin even decided to stage dive at one point and didn’t fall flat on his ass. You Brits really know how to have a good time.

Thanks again, it was awesome following round my favourite band as well as getting to see your beautiful country at the same time.


UK Tour!

After all these years, Jeff the Brotherhood are finally crossing the big sea to meet their UK brothers and sisters and play some new tracks from their latest album Magick Songs, as well as some of your old favourites.

UK Dates

The Zanzibar Club, Liverpool – 09/07/2017
Camden Assembly, London – 11/07/2017
The Fleece, Bristol – 12/07/2017

Tickets can be ordered online directly from the venue or bought on the door the night of. See you all there!

New St. Louis and Chicago dates

Jeff the Brotherhood will be playing St. Louis tomorrow at off Broadways and Chicago on Saturday at Lincoln hall. Check the venue’s websites to buy tickets or buy at the door.